Worship leader and Christ-follower first. Christian recording artist second. Bradley Banks creates opportunities to engage with people at a spiritual level, and evoke God-sized encounters through worship. Bradley Banks is a singer/songwriter originally from Youngstown, Ohio. He has written and produced for many artists of varying genres. Graduated from Columbia in 2012 with a BA in Entertainment Management and  Full Sail University with his MA in Public Relations. He recently ended his first world tour with CTI Music Ministries as a vocalist where he visited 32 states, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Canada. Banks at his core is a humble and sincere artist who writes songs and worships God using the medium of music. It is with that brush that he paints images of a loving and creative God across the canvases of listeners’ hearts and minds.  

Bradley grew up in a very musical family. He attended Calvary Ministries International in Youngstown, OH, where his love for music and Christ began to develop. He recalls “I learned to sing there, the old hymns, in four-part harmony, with my family and my friends. It was multi-generational, it was deep, rich and beautiful, and like most of my favorite worship music, it was steeped in 
community.” Under the leadership, of his uncle, Bishop Wagner, he first heard about the concept of Worship is a lifestyle. He didn’t come to know this until after he moved to Chicago, where he began to understand his identity and grow in relationship with Christ.    

He also will be speaking and writing for many outlets, partnering with organizations like YFC, YWAM, and Intervarsity, and releasing even yet more music through his various projects. Stayed tuned by following all of Bradley’s social networks, check out his media and sign up for the latest news and updates.