When I first heard this song by Cory Asbury I knew I needed to record a cover... It’s available for download on all digital platforms! 


It’s in worship that we can find our peace, for in Him is our resting place. There is no better time to release this video. I pray that whoever watches and hears will instantaneously feel the presence of God. For it is by His Grace we are saved. In his presence, we are healed. In Christ alone, we find our strength. 

Special thanks to the amazing musicians and singers that were apart of this recording! Amazing Grace is available for download today!

In this season it seems as tho the enemy is not just attacking us personally but he is attaching our communities, morals, beliefs, relationships, religions, genders, nations and so much more with a spirit of division. I pray that as you listen, these songs will speak life and healing to your brokenness. Let it be a reminder that we are all imperfect. We have all fallen short. We have all been in need of some grace and mercy. But God! Salvation is a free gift and it's available to you now. This is because God loved. It's time for us to come together and share this love! Christ died so that we all would be saved. No matter what you have done, no matter your flaws, defaults, social class, gender, sexuality. Come with all of your imperfections and be changed by a perfect God! Let me know your thoughts as you're listening! Thank you for allowing me to share this journey with you; It is truly my greatest honor!

Alright, no more delay...

Imperfect Perfections is now available for digital download: